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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TITTY-TWIST-A-GO-GO! [60's R&B/Lounge/Exotica Instros]

16 tracks of fast, loud and wild swingin' 1960-1967 instro-gogo titty-twisters and a few fast lounge / exotica cuts too! Guess what ?!? This Is FANTABULOSLY GRRRREAT!!! Shake it baby! Dig!!!

One and only Burlesque Queen TEMPEST STORM !!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

EXCEL - If It Rains Ep + The Lost Album [1979/80] Vinyl Rip!!!

David Fahy (keybards), Stephen Gawtry (drums), Stephen Smith (bass) and Paul Naylor (vocals, guitar), from Yorkshire, formed the band 'X.L.' in 1976, playing the local club circuit. The band split in September 1978, and a new line-up, now called 'Excel', and with Smith taking over lead vocals, Gawtry still on drums, plus newcomers Allan Walsh (guitar) and Richard Taylor (guitar, keyboards), played its first gig in December 1978. In spring 1979, the band's first record, a four-track EP titled "If It Rains", was released on the band's own A.R.S.S. label (1000 copies), and they recorded a whole 'demo album' (recently released on the 'Low Down Kids' label). In the autumn, 'Excel' were signed by Polydor, and in January 1980 released a second single, "What Went Wrong". Stephen Smith quit soon after and, although the rest of the band (plus new bass player Tony Kelly) carried on, recording four tracks which were released on the U.S.-only compilation "Made In Britain", it was pretty much the end for Excel.[]

HOT! HOT! HOT! ULTRA RARE U.K. Power Pop/Mod/Punk lost nugget. KICK-ASS Mod/Punkers debut '79 Ep + 1980 demos for their unreleased hit album. If you dig bands like The Jam, The Boys, The Jolt, The Lambrettas and stuff you gonna adore EXCEL. One of the best rare stuff I heard lately. A MUST!!!

 Bad News
 Glossy Sgt. Major
 What Went Wrong

Rock Show

Sunday, April 20, 2014

THE APEMEN - 7+ Inches Of Love [1993-94/2013]

The Apemen hail from the Netherlands and have been playing raw surf instrumentals since 1990. The 20 tracks on Seven Inches of Love were recorded between 1993 and 1994, previously released on compilation albums and as separate 7" singles which are now impossible to find: "Invasion of the Apemen," "Sounds of the Apemen," "Intoxica," and "El Tortura." Their brand of surf music is refreshingly more influenced by punk heroes like Agent Orange and JFA than the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, or the Ventures. This is especially apparent on the few cover versions ("Squad Car," "Surf Party," "Miserlou") included on Seven Inches of Love. The Apemen immersed themselves (and their audience) in thriving timeless manic dance music and a complete lack to take anything, especially themselves, too seriously. [Al Campbell]


Pogo A Gogo
Het Grote Surffeest (Live At Kfjc)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

CRUSHED BUTLER - Uncrushed [1969-1971]

Crushed Butler were a British protopunk/hard rock band that existed between 1969 and 1971. According to 2008's Pretty Vacant: A History of UK Punk, the band "was, in many ways, Britain's first proto-punk band."Band members went on to form Darryl Read's Beat Existentialists, The Gorillas and to pursue solo careers.
Crushed Butler formed in 1969 with a line-up of Jesse Hector (guitar, vocals), Alan Butler (bass guitar) and Darryl Read (drums).They initially played cover versions of other bands' songs, before writing their own original material.
In early 1971, the band changed their name to Tiger, and the line-up also changed to include Barry Wyles, formerly a member of an early version of Queen.
Hector and Butler continued as Helter-Skelter and went on to form The Hammersmith Gorillas. [wiki]

KILLER unreleased stuff by these late 60's UK cult Garage/Hard Rock punkers. Sounds like a cross between MC5 & BLUE CHEER + some anarchic kink. Another one in JESSE HECTOR series that is really A MUST! Anarchy in the UK, Dig!

Friday, April 18, 2014

JESSE HECTOR - Gorilla Garage: The Jesse Hector Story [1972-1988/2005]

The Godfather of Garage Rock. A stalwart of the rock scene who began in 1959, became a scenester in the mid 60’s, an urban legend in the mid and late 70’s… and an icon ever since whose influence abounds. With a unique look and image, sideburns that can kill, Jesse Hector is an icon and a rock legend. 

This compilation, the first ever to tell the full story of Jesse Hector, pulls the best recorded evidence together. A stripped down band set up, often live in the studio, no frills, plenty of menace, high energy, a rock’n’roll sensibility underpinning everything. Where Jack White has drawn on Blues for the bedrock to the White Stripes material, Jesse Hector drew on Rock ‘n’Roll. It is no coincidence that both acts produced some of their best work at Toe Rag studios, the first three on this compilation being recorded and produced by Liam Watson.

Other producers have also got great results from Jesse; Chiswick’s Roger Armstrong producing the punk era classic ‘Gatecrasher’ and the later Jesse Hector & The Sound recordings, Larry Page producing the equally classic version of ‘You Really Got Me’. The latter graces the recent compilation "Glitterbest" and is often played on the radio by the likes of DJ Mark Lamarr. *The album is timeless, like it’s a brand new album, even though the recordings span 1972-1988, they bear a consistent sound and performance. Even the bonus track on the end - Jesse’s first recording in 1959 - doesn’t sound out of place! 
[Amazon Reviews]

KICK-ASS compilation-overview of this 70's UK cult Garage/Punk/Glam rocker career, gathered his recordings with different groups as The Gatecrashers, The Sound, Hammersmith Gorillas, Helter Skelter, Crushed Butler and Jesse Hector Rock'n'Roll Trio. EXPLOSIVE mix of MC5, Stooges, Glam Rock & Garage JESSE HECTOR style! A MUST! Dig!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

THE HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS - Gorilla Got Me [1974-1981/1999]

The Hammersmith Gorillas or Gorillas as they were also known, were formed in 1974 and lasted until 1981. Based around the creative talents of Jesse Hector, who was no stranger to the music scene, the band made a reputation for itself in the early days before and during the punk revolution. Jesse Hector had been involved in the music scene since the age of 15. He had played guitar in the mid-'60s cult band The Clique (not to be confused with the U.S. band of the same name) then fronted some politically incorrect bands by the names of Helter Skelter and Crushed Butler in the late '60s. In 1971, Hector got together with Alan Butler (bass) and Gary Anderson (drums) and took the name of a pro-Castro activist group and the band, The Hammersmith Gorillas were born. 

The band recorded a wild, pumped-up version of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me," as their first single for Larry Page's Penny Farthing label, and it immediately captured the attention of a young generation yearning for a new style of music. The sheer energy and attitude behind the single won it immediate recognition among the young people, but it failed to impress the radio programmers, so it didn't receive the airplay it deserved. After the failure of Page's label, the band signed to the fledgling Chiswick indie label and recorded further singles.

By 1976, the punk movement began to rear its ugly head and The Hammersmith Gorillas were right in the midst of the movement. Along with their friends in the Damned, Eddie & the Hot Rods, and more, the Gorillas, as they were then known, went to France to play in the legendary Mont de Marsan Punk Festival. After the Festival, punk took the world by storm and many bands popped up vowing to change the world. In 1978, the Gorillas recorded their debut (and only) album titled "Message to the World" for Raw records. The band rode the wave of the punk movement, and in 1981, bandmember Alan Butler died a tragic death and the band broke up. 
Nearly a decade later, in 1991, Hector returned to the music business and formed the Sound. "Gorilla Got Me" compiles 22 tracks from the careers of The Hammersmith Gorillas and the Gorillas. This set contains singles and selected album tracks originally released between 1974-1978, and a number of previously unreleased live tracks. Although the Gorillas will never make the rock & roll hall of fame the band's contribution to the '70s music scene is worthy of documentation. The set also contains detailed liner notes, a history of the band, a discography, and rare photos. A fitting tribute to one of the forgotten innovators of the punk movement. [Allmusic]

Real COOL collection of 45's, unissued & live recordings by these UK 70's Glam/Punkers fronted by JESSE HECTOR. If you think you know everything from 70's Pre-Punk/Garage/Glam era, you gotta check this out. Got Me?!? Dig!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IGGY & THE STOOGES - Death Trip [1973/88] Vinyl Rip!!!

In 1987, the release of Rubber Legs gave listeners their first ever exposure to the Stooges' so-called CBS rehearsals from spring 1973. Six songs long, it was as tantalizing as it was impossibly exciting. But what a difference a year makes: 1988's Death Trip opens with what can only be described as daylight robbery, the regular LP version of the title track fed through some kind of distortion machine in an attempt to make it sound like an alternate mix. It fails. Slightly more palatable (and realistic) alternates of a couple of Rubber Legs standouts follow, but the two songs that attract the most attention, "I'm a Man" and "The Ballad of Hollis Brown" are -- what? The best guess is, they're Iggy and James Williamson killing time in the studio, jamming through some favorite covers while they wait for some something else to happen. They probably didn't even remember that they'd left the tape machine on. Seriously, it's the kind of thing that gives bootlegging a bad name -- but hey, Stooges fans should be used to that by now! [Dave Thompson]

More Stooges studio rehearsals recorded in 1973. before Raw Power. I know you know but then again... It's a Death Trip allright! Jesus, This is IGGY!


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